First post! Draw yourself as a fantasy or sci-fi character (or a mixture of both)! Although this prompt wasn’t chosen with the random word generator as future prompts will be, I thought it would be a fun way for people to introduce themselves to the blog WITH ART! :D

New prompt will be posted on 6/7/14.

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mango strawberry flavored selfies

sketch day: 5/5/2014

ref: x


AHH, yes. we meet again, lichen

my arch nemesis

god my older work on this blog is worthless

i cant wait until i bury it in better art

sketch day: 5/4/2014

ref: x


i have this massive fear of ice caves, so this was particularly fun

caves are so weird…the shapes are all organic but they grow…geometrically???

sketch day 5/3/14

ref link: x

on twitter

UH-OH a selfie!

I don’t know how long this took…30 minutes, maybe?

day 10

45 minutes

A friend recommended that I paint a tundra. it was a fantastic exercise; I was still able to use a diverse color pallet while using local color. I decided to use a reference this time, since I’ve never painted a tundra before. I think I should probably do that more often, so that my more imaginative landscapes convey a more logical understanding of true environments.

Day 9

20 minutes

gross i just spent the night on this concept.

well, by the next time you see it, it will be fully rendered.

a little something i’m experimenting with.

a renegade magic user, i suppose. anatomy’s a bit wonky, but i’m fairly pleased with the preliminaries.